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Morris Marina Owners Club and Morris Ital Register
Morris Marina Owners Club and Morris Ital RegisterFriday, May 19th, 2017 at 4:00am

So with less than two months to go - who is coming to the clubs annual gathering in Stowmarket and what are you bringing???

Photos please 😎

Morris Marina Owners Club and Morris Ital Register If the Coupe is finished then that, otherwise the Stag 😱
Shaun Glover Il be there n this year il bring my gorgeous mk2 into arena n not in public car park !
Martyn Carmichael We would have. It's just a shame it's so out the way.
Jonathan Carman I'll be there in this one
Matt Fowles One of these. Ideally the blue one!
Shaun Glover Could you tell me the date and address pls ?
Shaun Glover Could someone pls tell me the date and address thanks !
Morris Marina Owners Club and Morris Ital Register
Morris Marina Owners Club and Morris Ital Register added 2 new photos.Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 at 6:26am

Summers coming! Get a new T shirt and show your Marina and Ital love!

Morris Marina Owners Club and Morris Ital Register
Morris Marina Owners Club and Morris Ital RegisterTuesday, May 9th, 2017 at 3:57am

Spotted this today on the road to old Perithia. ( Corfu ) Think he'd run out of fuel and had been to get some on the little bike.
Later on it disappeared

( From the number one Marina finder...

Chris Weedon Tell the owner I have a NOS n/s window glass if he wants one 😆
Mason Newman That is the Greek no-cost air-con option Totally original.
Richie De La Tour Lol That door !!!
Morris Marina Owners Club and Morris Ital Register
Morris Marina Owners Club and Morris Ital Register shared British Leyland Chronicles's photo.Monday, February 13th, 2017 at 8:43pm

From British Leyland Chronicles

British Leyland Chronicles The UK Morris Marina range at launch in spring 1971. Only 1.8 models had a long horizontal rectangle set into the radiator grille - body-colour except on TC models (where it was black incorporating mesh grilles either side of the central TC badge, which were outlined in red).
Jayashankha Hulangamuwa Hw cn u go abt conatruction sites in one of these?
Sharon Edwards If you drive along the roads between the JCB factories between Wrexham & Uttoxeter, you still see those registration plates in use on their company vehicles.
Barrie Wills As much as he clearly admired the Marina, the frugal Joseph Cyril Bamford acquired a brand new three-wheeled Reliant Robin as his preferred vehicle for daily commuting from and to his home and the Uttoxeter plant in the mid '70s.
Neil Ferguson-Lee JCB still use those registrations and, as an aside, I think that the young man on the right who is shaking hands might be a very young Sir Anthony Bamford.
Roger Ford I had a 1.8TC as my last company car. With the MGB engine it was a beast in a straight line but corners and roundabouts in the wet needy a tippy toes approach..
David Harrison Wondering if canny old Joe actually paid anything for those Marinas, given the amount of BL diesels they were consuming back then for the 3CII/3CX Backhoes and other red and yellow finery being built at that time. Looks like it was taken at the now levelled Uttoxeter plant as Rocester wouldn't have been open by then?
David Harrison Had Rover 800's from 88 to late 90's, nowadays Mercedes-Benz and Insignias. I was told the 800's white was actually a special factory order as it was off shade to the listed colour.
Claire Stocker An era where even a driver's wing mirror was a luxury item!! 😀
Billy Hutchinson A friend had a Marina 1.3 and I had the 1.8 Super. Mine would run up to 101 mph and the 1.3 would only climb to 92mph
Gavin Howells JCBs number plate collection must be worth a fortune on its own.
Andrew Edwards Had a 1.3 marina coupé in harvest gold I liked it unfortunately it had an argument with a skip lorry and didn't win but must of been quite safe in the day as I came out of it unscathed
Alistair Shaw My dad won'ted to get me a new car as he was fed up with the cars I was all ways working On to keep going so it came down to a new jubilee marina or a ford escort 1600 gt in red but u know which one I went for only thing was it had 64 foults no pdi I think it went back three times
Mick Driver I wonder if these were white or yellow?
Phil Dunster Love mine...
Sarah Jones Hubby had a 1800 automatic in harvest gold, what a tank but fun
Kev Clarke John Moses does that reg on the left look familiar?
Mark Mattock They were really shit cars!
Steve Wilson Poor buggers
Keith Swadling JCB a classic photo for you.
Mark Baker Can you remember the Marinas Steve?
Andrew French Alan Thorpe your new company car back in the day 😂
Murray Baker Poor sales staff!
Michael Elson Graham Muzzy Stewart Read all the comments!
Adrian Wagstaff Phil Dunster
Morris Marina Owners Club and Morris Ital Register
Morris Marina Owners Club and Morris Ital RegisterFriday, February 10th, 2017 at 8:32am

We are looking forward to the Spring when the Marina Turbo hits the road again. Its been too long. How many years has your project been off the road?

Morris Marina Owners Club and Morris Ital Register My Coupe only 4 years 😝
Darren Elson My pick up ,1.8 tc,i have owned it 9 years but it came of the road in 1994 (23 years)😢 she be back this year i hope....
Matt Fowles Only about a year and a half but it'll be off of it for a little while yet!
James Prince Is the offset on the rear wheels higher than the front? If so, to compensate for a wider (TR7?) axle?
Lee Perry 1981 pickup. I've had it nearly 2 years still not finished all the welding ! Been off the road since 2000 and something.
Paul Kucharski Hi I am trying to find a 1300 engine and auto box are they out there or am i flogging a dead horse. cheers Paul.😀
Andy Clayton Jonathan Carman you know it makes sense 😉
Brian Hooper Last time it saw the road....
Martin Field Smooth bum
David Bevan 2 and a half
Joe Rogers Glen Andrews
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